MUSIC IS COMMUNITY MARKETING. Because we are communicating to fans of both brand and artist. This means access to a lot of owned media – and that always spurs a lot of engagement. Which means that we must define a creative, engaging tone of voice reaching both fan bases – and then execute the PR accordingly. We help you set up the right plan for various deadlines and media and execute PR in all owned and external media. We have an experienced press officer to identify the relevant angles of your story and to handle local, regional and national press. Our track record is strong on a global level within music media.

This we match to editorials and advertising in our owned media:

– newsletter to music lovers (100.000 permissions)
– newsletter to band members (15.000 permissions)
– newsletter to local music stake holders (28.000 permissions)
– newsletter to classic music lovers (8.000 permissions)
– newsletter to all music partners (2.000 permissions)
– newsletter B2B (1.300 permissions)

We analyze, recommend and set up ads or boosted post on following media:

– Google ad words
– Spotify
– Facebook
– Youtube
– Instagram
– traditional websites


PR & COMMUNITY MARKETING – our view on the matter
When compared with other types of content, music is a community creator and communicating with music should be considered community marketing. When connecting with sports, e.g. a football team, you divide your brand between fan groups. This is not the case with music. When siding with film or videos, you aim at a shortlived, personal experience, that may well be shareable, but rarely “communifying” as music is for the dedicated. Music lovers share an intuitive understanding and care for anyone, who shares his or her passion for a certain type of music, band or music subculture. Music today breaks down barriers in any concrete, abstract or technical sense of the word.

Watch Seth Godin’s TED talk “The Tribes We Lead” which has a remarkable and inspiring take on the concept of Community Marketing.

VOLUME’s vision is to create content marketing strategies that respect these dynamics and use their full potential. Thereby we are adding value to everybody involved: The artists, the brands and the fans. And there is much to gain. New creative endeavors for artists. Access to attractive target groups for brands. Stronger relation to your customers. Strategies for converting contact points into sales. The shared passion of a community.

As powerful as it might be, music is also a delicate engine. Like the song told us: You can’t buy me love. And you can’t buy your way into the heart of the music fan. You can, however, earn your way, if you as a brand, truly engages with music. And if you as an artist is truly committed to your fans.