Working in partnerships often prove more valuable than any campaign money can buy. An artist, a music business partner or an organization can give you unimagined reach – even before you consider paid media. Music partners have both the content and the reach. What they may be missing is the additional value that you can offer – in terms of expertise, reach, concept or economy.

When we create partnerships, we not only amplify your message. We validate and extend your brand – and save you the money for dull and dulling bought media. We will create and deploy relevant content directly to your target group. That’s the kind of projects we love, creating partnerships on different levels:

– ARTISTs and the artists’ team, the label, booking, management and PR
– ORGANIZATIONs representing thousands of members, venues, festivals, rehearsal studios etc. throughout the music culture
– MEDIA on both local, national and global levels – including print online and radio/TV
– INFLUENCER AND LEAD USERS from the fan and business communities


If partners are motivated, they share. If users believe, they respond. And this is why we always make sure, that partners are 100 % motivated and aligned and that we use owned media to the fullest extend. We wouldn’t mind putting the traditional endorsement deal to rest. In fact we long for a future without display advertising. Brand logos should signify the explorers flag – not the flag of cultural proprietors or the totem of lack of imagination.

We always aim at something extraordinary. Creating something truly extraordinary rarely happens by lonesome genius. It crystalizes in partnerships.