Jesper Mikkelsen, Chief Strategy Officer +45 60 16 24 76


Chief Strategy Officer.

Key responsibilities:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Concept development
  • Content development
  • Media strategy
  • Global Client Management

 Background: Like most things in life, marketing is about understanding people. Getting your head around what they like and dislike – and why. And then doing your best to build a meaningful relationship with them, by adding some sort of value to their life. Simple stuff.

So this is usually how Jesper approaches things.
Throughout his 15 years in the business, he has worked at various agencies in both Denmark and the UK, been a consultant for Danish telco-giant TDC, worked for the notorious youth-branch of the National Danish Broadcaster (DR) along with various jobs within the music business. He’s worked with both huge international clients and small local businesses. Always trying to understand what makes people tick and find a simple and intuitive way to become part of that – whether a digital habit, music subculture rituals, luxury car enthusiasm or a community of DIY builders.

Former Creative Strategy Director at MEC and Strategy Director MEC UK.