Camilla Kempf Pallis – Project Manager

follow url  +45 40 37 01 40

Resume Camilla is a part of VOLUME’s project management team. Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the overall handling of VOLUMEs Microsoft account
  • Project Manager: MEW365 with Office 365
  • Project Manager: MØ x Surface with Surface Pro4 Online Lipitor Background: Camilla has previously worked at Tivoli, Roskilde Festival and is a former board member of Dansk Live and chairwoman at the venue Templet.

follow link She is an experienced communicator and coordinator , having worked several years with Roskilde Festival’s international efforts, both online and on-site, and now handling projects for Microsoft in both the Nordics and Western Europe. Camillas focus is to execute project management in a highly complex reality of campaign pre-requisites to create relevant and engaging content which can meet the expectiations of both artists and brand. Education: Performance Design + Media from RUC.