About us

Focusing on the 5 Nordic countries but with global projects and clients we do our project management out of Denmark with excellent partners in our other markets. We create content, do consultancy and PR for the largest brands, media agencies and ad agencies – and have earned unparalleled trust from music professionals and organizations throughout the North.

We are an independent agency which means that we do not represent certain artists. We represent brands who wish to engage with music. We guide their way to music content, business and fan cultures and we give them relevant voice and creative direction.

Our Team




Martin Gronemann
Marco Guldmann
Gustav Foss Fabricius
Rasmus Junge
Signe Sander

Lisa Forss
Ellinor André
Lucie Nilsson
Amanda Olkinuora
Nils Karlén
Anders Schärberg
Jessica Johansson
Mats Sellfors

Nora Konstanse Hansen
Lise Lotte Monsen
Tony K. Bjerketveit
Petter Aasbø
Iselin Loe
Nanna Karen Gilberg Skram

Emmi Linnankivi
Suvi Nousiainen
Minna Ylikauma
Heidi Himmelä


Board of directors


Jacob Houlind
Chairman, Volume
Group CEO, Banijay Nordic
Jesper Bobjerg