We listen, 
craft and amplify

Volume is a creative agency specializing in storytelling based on culture

We believe in listening, engaging in genuine conversations and unleashing mind-blowing and bold ideas on the world.

We listen..

.. to culture, creative communities and cultural movements everywhere - whether it's in music, politics, arts, sports, gaming etc. We've been listening for quite some time now, which makes us able to deeply understand target audiences and exactly what makes them tick and be engaged in products and causes. 

We craft..

.. stories that matter to people and make them want to get involved. One time we created a fanzine with people from all over the world. Another time we paired an AI with a freestyle rapper. A third time we created a card game about safe behavior at music festivals. A fourth time... OK, you get the point. But drop us a line if you want to hear more!

We amplify..

.. through clever digital distribution,  word-of-mouth and press. We know all the nooks and crannies of social media and love making your campaigns perform through new and exciting features, but we also love to get people talking in the real world.  We qualify our decisions with metrics and keep evolving as digital human behavior creates new ways to get messaging across. 

This is what we do


We help you develop strategies that create the runway for you to become part of culture. 

Concept development

We take you from initial idea to full-fledged and scalable concept.

Content & creative

Whether it's podcast, video, pictures, graphics or text, we've got you covered.

Digital marketing

We advice you on all things digital and execute your campaigns through the newest features on social media. 

Partnerships & Influencers

We help you find the right people and the right, meaningful way to involve them and create with them.

Workshops and courses

We train your people in strategy, digital marketing, influencers and more.  

This is some of our clients

We work with brands, NGOs and culture organizations to bring great ideas to life.

Cool people we've collaborated with

MØ. Hozier. Silvana Imam. Pede B. The Minds of 99. Mew. Lydmor. Velvet Volume. phlake. Jada. Thomas Dybdahl. The National. Mads Korsgaard (cand. psych.). Pernille Rosendahl. Troels W. Kjær (PhD). Jean Michelle Jarre. Kill-J. Kidd. Franz Ferdinand. Sepp Piontek. Tove Styrke. Korage. Erik Steinskog (dr. art) Jonathan Johansson. Neneh Cherry. Dúné. Anya and many more..
Nyrnberggade 29
2300 København S
CVR: 32837921

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